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The pHresh Line

Protein solutions

We’re protecting lives and the trust we have in the food we eat. With shifting regulations and a social media apparatus eager to amplify shocking narratives, one thing is clear: brands have to set their own standards. We can help.

We also improve the performance of the businesses we serve. On average, Prevenio has increased ROI for processors by 20% to 30%. Our solutions are tailored to your product, your workers, and your business objectives.

Our applications also provide a safer environment for workers with less odor. Prevenio is about protecting everything: your food and its full flavor profile, your workers, your performance.


Protein Processing Solution

Poultry and red meat wash designed to inhibit pathogen activity and improve safety of the food we eat.


[1] Pathogen inhibition and reduction

[2] Improvement in appearance and texture

[3] Organic ingredients

Typical Properties

Appearance– Clear liquid

Odor– Acrid, vinegar-like

pH– <1

Density– 9.35 lb. per gal. at 20ºC


Poultry and red meat wash

Shelf Life

4 months minimum under normal conditions

Handling & Storage

DO NOT store at temperatures above 86º F


Safe under most conditions.

Please refer to SDS.

Efficacy Data

Salmonella prevalence on poultry meat after treatment

oxypHresh chart

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