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Breakthrough protection

Produce solutions

Prevenio has developed a patent-pending chemistry “Produce Shield Plus” which can be used in conjunction with PAA to provide 5-log pathogen protection. This post-harvest antimicrobial wash is designed to “decouple” pathogens from the surface of your product so they can be killed in the wash water. Providing superior pathogen protection for your processed produce.

This technology coupled with our D3S application and control system protects your product, your workers, and your brand like no other system.

Prevenio supports our innovative chemistries and engineering solutions with a superior technical service team who work closely with our customers to deliver precise and predictive protection.


Produce Wash

Prevenio is a superior produce wash that keeps your food safe without compromising the flavor profile, nutrients or look of your product. 


[1] Superior protection without sensory/flavor/nutritional impact

[2] Reduced volatility

[3] Reduced worker exposure to chemicals

[4] Remote monitoring

[5] Lower total cost

[6] Significantly lower water consumption


Superior Protection

[1] Patent Pending anti-microbial treatment

[2] Rapid reduction in Salmonella from surface

[3] 3x greater Salmonella reduction on diced tomatoes

[4] Elimination of Salmonella from wash water

Reduced Spoilage Bacteria

[1] Superior reduction vs Chlorine and PAA

[2] Potential for extended shelf life

[3] Improved appearance and taste vs Chlorine

Bacteria Reduction Chart
Bacteria Reduction Chart

Wash Water Chart
Wash Water Chart

Salmonella Efficacy Chart

Salmonella Efficacy Chart

Prevenio vs. Chlorine Over Time

[1] Prevenio does not get consumed as quickly as Chlorine

[2] Wash 6x more lettuce

[3] Wash 5x more tomatoes

Treatment Capacity

Treatment Capacity Chart

Superior Sensory Results with Prevenio

[1] Improved appearance

[2] Improved taste

[3] Reduction in spoilage bacteria

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