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Introducing Prevenio

The new
standard for
pathogen protection


[Food for Thought, Thought for Food]
Precise & Predictive Protection

Prevenio was founded by scientists, chemists, and engineers determined to create powerful and precise food protection.

Our solutions protect the full flavor, color, and nutrients of your food. They also protect your workers, your yield, your water, and your reputation.

We’ve gotten smarter about the food we eat. It’s time to get smarter about how we treat it.

Water-Saving Solutions

Our solutions are designed and sequenced to use less water. A lot less water. The future of our food supply depends on this.



Prevenio requires no rinse after application.

Our active ingredients are safe to eat. That means millions of gallons of water saved per month.

One Step Ahead

Food safety should be about prevention not reaction.

We can predict the likelihood of different pathogenic threats and how to keep you one step ahead of them. We get to the root cause of the problems.

Equipment Technology

CMS D3S is the automated control system to deliver performance, improve worker safety, and reduce todal cost of ownership.

The D3S Delivery System

Good protection comes from applying the right amount and in the proper sequence.

Our delivery system was designed to optimize your operations and significantly improve worker safety. The system can be operated and monitored remotely.

Our Services

A full service, private laboratory specializing in microbiology focused on both field and R&D testing. We offer complete testing solutions with quick turnaround times.